How Rich Will I Be? The fun money quiz!

How rich are you going to be? Answer the questions below and find out how much you're going to earn!

Question 1 of 15

What gender are you?

  1. Male
  2. Female
  3. Undecided
  4. Unclear
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How old are you?

  1. Young
  2. Youngish
  3. 35+
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What level of education do you have?

  1. High school diploma
  2. Degree
  3. Masters
  4. PHD
  5. University of Life
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A beautiful, charming and rich stranger offers you $100,000 if he/she can take your partner to the opera for 2 hours. Do you:

  1. Agree immediately
  2. Agree with conditions
  3. Disagree
  4. Require more Money
  5. Require more hours
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A bum asks you for 30 cents for a cup of coffee. Do you:

  1. Ignore them
  2. Give it to them
  3. Ask where you can get a cup of coffee for 30 cents
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Are your dreams:

  1. Optimistic
  2. Realistic
  3. Pessimistic
  4. Sexual
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The neighbor's dog runs into the road the same time you arrive (at top speed) home in your brand new $100,000 sports car. Do you:

  1. Hit the dog and save the car
  2. Miss the dog and wreck the car
  3. Pretend to try and miss the dog
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A wealthy old neighbor in the early stages of dementia entrusts you with their Last Will and Testament, which they've signed and dated but haven't filled in. Do you:

  1. Explain this to their family immediately
  2. Fantasize for a while before explaining it to their family
  3. Put it somewhere safe and relax
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Which most describes your current state of health?

  1. Marbles
  2. Foosball
  3. Ping pong
  4. Tennis
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Who has/would have the most important role in your company?

  1. You
  2. The manager(s)
  3. The worker(s)
  4. The customer(s)
  5. God
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Delegating tasks is for:

  1. Real
  2. The development of the company
  3. Lazy people
  4. Someone else to do
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If you were a movie, which one would you be?

  1. Bambi
  2. Dirty Dancing
  3. Brewsters Millions
  4. American Gangster
  5. Apocalypse Now